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Interview with Inge De Bo, Scientific Coordinator of EU-FarmBook, Ghent University | Event: The Road to Sustainability in Agriculture 2023.
Exploring EU-FarmBook | Interview with Roosie Soosar, a dedicated farmer and the CEO of SoilProtection.
Exploring EU-FarmBook | Interview with Ants-Hannes Viira, Researcher and Head of Agriculture Research Department at MEKT (Estonia).
What’s next for EU Agriculture? Interview with Inge De Bo, Scientific Coordinator of EU-FarmBook | Event: EU Agri Research 2023.
Exploring EU-FarmBook | Interview with Gustav Kotkas, a Poultry Farmer that has its own certified organic farm.

Videos about the EU-FarmBook Platform

If you are a Partner or Project Coordinator of Horizon Europe or Horizon 2020 projects and would like to contribute with the practical outputs of your project, then, these videos are for you:

Watch the EU-FarmBook Platform Pre-Launch Online Event (8th February 2024).

Watch this video featuring Louis Powell (Software Engineer at Maastricht University – EU-FarmBook partner) who highlights current and upcoming features, the role of Contributors, the upload process, and more to assist you in getting started.
Meet “FarmBuddy”, the EU-FarmBook Search Engine.

Exploring API Connection or Integration methods in the EU-FarmBook Platform.

EU-FarmBook Success Stories – soon / One-minute News Flashes – soon

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