• 03.2024

    Celebrating Women in Agriculture: EU-FarmBook wishes Happy International Women´s Day

    [08/03/2024] The world is striving for gender equality. Agriculture and forestry are no exception. For centuries, women have been the backbone of agriculture. Despite their central role, women have historically faced significant barriers to access resources, land, technology and markets. Empowering women in agriculture is not only a matter of gender equality; it is essential…


  • 02.2024

    EU-FarmBook is online and ready to accept contributions

    The EU-FarmBook team launched the platform live from Latvia – Laurens van der Cruyssen (OSMOS), Inês Assunção (CONSULAI), Pieter Spanoghe (UGent), Anita Dzelme (EUFRAS), Inge De Bo (UGent) On 8 February, the EU-FarmBook team announced the start of EU-FarmBook, an open access platform for agricultural knowledge and information. The exclusive online event for contributors was…


  • 07.2023

    ENAJ organizes press trip on innovations for wineries and farms

    Agricultural journalists are actors in the ecosystem of agricultural innovation communication and therefore important for EU-FarmBook. EU-FarmBook supports the activities of the European Network of Agricultural Journalists (ENAJ), because journalists play an important role in the most relevant target groups of EU-FarmBook, such as farmers, advisors and decision makers. ENAJ is the umbrella organization of…


  • 06.2023

    Study: Information needs, preferences, and information behaviour of European farmers, foresters and advisors

    The problem-solving strategies of primary sector practitioners rely largely on online resources. This is a main result of a study conducted by researchers of the EU EUREKA project in 2020.


  • 06.2023

    Consortium of EU-FarmBook meets in Tallin: Platform will soon be ready for uploads

    EU-FarmBook will soon be ready for uploads, resolved the project consortium during their June meeting in Tallinn. All efforts will be concentrated on informing potential contributors. The Centre of Estonian Rural Research and Knowledge (METK), who hosted the meeting, was the first Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation System (AKIS) in Europe to announce their commitment. Minister…


  • 05.2023

    The road to sustainability in agriculture 2023

    More than 230 participants and 800 online viewers joined the Sustainability Conference of the EU-FarmBook partner CEJA, the European Council for Young Farmers in Brussels, Belgium to discuss the road to sustainability in agriculture. In May, more than 230 participants and 800 online viewers followed the invitation of the European Council for Young Farmers (CEJA)…


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