EU-FarmBook Objectives

The main purpose of EU-FarmBook is to support knowledge exchange, by further developing, expanding, exploiting, and maintaining an easily accessible and user-friendly EU-wide Online Platform for practitioners in the agriculture and forestry sectors. To achieve the main purpose of EU-FarmBook, there are six specific objectives:


Collect relevant agriculture and forestry practice-oriented knowledge objects, from Horizon 2020 (H2020), Horizon Europe (HE), and Operational Group (OG) projects.


Develop and maintain an open-access and user-friendly Digital Platform that adheres to the findable, accessible interoperable, and reusable (FAIR) data principles.


Engage and develop formal agreements with the multitude of AKIS actors existing at EU and Member State level, creating the EU-FarmBook Alliance.


Communicate about the project and disseminate the results effectively to the target audiences (multi-actor project community, farmers, foresters, advisors, policymakers, trainers, students, and researchers)


Develop and follow a dedicated business and exploitation strategy to ensure the sustainability of project outputs and hence impact after the end of the projects.


Creating an EU-wide Community of Practice, gathering potential users of the EU-FarmBook Digital Platform.

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