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ATTRACTISS (Horizon Europe) focuses on activating and enhancing Innovation Support Services (ISS) within AKIS to accelerate grassroots innovative ide

as for sustainable agriculture and forestry. By empowering ISS and other AKIS actors through capacity building, tools, and methods, it aims to foster co-creation and ecosystem building. It also supports Managing Authorities in efficiently organizing support for ISS and facilitates the involvement of new actors in AKIS processes.

modernAKIS (Horizon Europe) aims to improve AKIS actors capacities to leverage individual, organizational and systemic resources needed for the transformation towards more coherent, effective, and efficient AKIS systems and the transition to a more sustainable management and use of natural resources in farming and forestry. It will build and foster a European network of key AKIS actors, who will act as linchpins in the transformation of these systems towards a more effective governance and the modernization of the EU agri-food sector.

PREMIERE (Horizon Europe) aims to strengthen multi-actor project development by improving partner search, partnership building, work plan co-design, and budget negotiation. It particularly emphasizes involving new partner organizations, including those previously unsuccessful in project proposals. The project aims to enhance the relevance, coherence, and preparation of project proposals, promoting multi-actor collaboration.

Other Related Projects

Oper8 has the ambition to achieve a high impact and improve the sustainability of the European agricultural sector, Oper8 will bring together 8 operational groups from 7 countries from the Mediterranean, Atlantic, and Nordic areas to ensure a balanced representation of different production systems. Oper8 will focus on issues identified by the involved operational groups with their approaches, identified challenges, and dissemination activities. The practice-oriented results of the Oper8 project will be uploaded to the EU-FarmBook platform.

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