EU-FarmBook, is a Horizon Europe project that is working at regional, national, and European level, to build a Digital Platform, gathering and sharing agriculture and forestry knowledge, based on a co-creation approach and built on EURAKNOS and EUREKA outputs. The EU-FarmBook Platform will soon be a reality.

EU-FarmBook Platform Launch

Launch of the first version of the EU-FarmBook Platform.

Dec 2023

Ambassadors Toolkit

EU-FarmBook will produce a facilitation toolkit, providing the Ambassadors with clear tools and guidelines, that enable them to play their role as connectors between the project and external stakeholders.

Dec 2023

EU-FarmBook Webcasts

EU-FarmBook will launch a series of webcasts, presenting other multi-actor projects, and exploring their possible relation with the EU-FarmBook Platform.

Nov 2023

User Tests

The project will conduct extensive and iterative user testing on the first version of the EU-FarmBook Platform.

Nov 2023

Upload Manual

Based on the inputs from the Platform Day, the project will produce a manual for external stakeholders, on how to upload data and knowledge objects to the EU-FarmBook Platform.

May 2023

Guidelines for Knowledge Objects Producers

Based on the inputs from Platform Day, the project will produce a set of guidelines for external stakeholders on how to provide data and knowledge objects that are interoperable with the EU-FarmBook Platform.

Apr 2023

Ambassadors Training

EU-FarmBook will host an Internal Ambassadors Training event, in Paris, France, gathering figures that will be key in connecting the project with relevant external stakeholders.

Mar 2023

First Newsletter

EU-FarmBook will launch its first newsletter, in collaboration with the projects ATTRACTISS, modernAKIS and PREMIERE.

Mar 2023

Platform Day

The project will host an event in Brussels, Belgium, to optimise the interoperability of digital knowledge sharing between EU-FarmBook and other Horizon Europe projects, the CAP-Network and National Networks, as well as to foster the digital community.

Feb 2023

Online Workshop

EU-FarmBook hosted an online workshop, to access the state of play of digital knowledge reservoirs for practice, at national and regional levels.

Jan 2023


EU-FarmBook partners met for the first time in person, in the city of Florence, Italy.

Oct 2022


The EU-FarmBook project officially started.

Aug 2022

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